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  • Welcome to Pinecrest Pediatrics

    Welcome to Pinecrest Pediatrics

    Pinecrest Pediatrics Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality, professional, personalized care to the families we service. All patients are treated with respect and given the individualized attention that they deserve. We care about our patients and believe that spending sufficient time for communication and education are essential aspects of a healthy relationship. Our long term goal is to establish long lasting trusted relationships with our patients and families. We thank you for your trust in our doctors and staff. We are honored that you have chosen Pinecrest Pediatrics Group to care for your children.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Carolina deCespedes Escobio

    Dr. Carolina deCespedes Escobio

  • Dr. Margarita Taboas-Mestre

    Dr. Margarita Taboas-Mestre

Did You Know?

  • Did You Know?



    Did you Know: It is Brain Injury Awareness Month?

    475,000 children sustain a traumatic brain injury in the United States every year.  These injuries, including concussions, occur from a blow or jolt to the head and do not always cause loss of consciousness.  Symptoms usually occur immediately but may take days to present.  Some symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision, light and noise sensitivity, drowsiness, and mood changes.  Children may complain that they feel "dazed" or "foggy."  They may have trouble concentrating and remembering.  All concussions are serious and children should be evaluated immediately by their physician.  They should not return to play unless approved to do so by a physician.

    Preventing concussions is key. Hear are some tips to keep your kids safe:



    • Wear seat belts while in a car
    • Use child safety car seats or booster seats
    • Wear appropriate helmets when bike riding, skateboarding, skiing, skating, or horseback riding or pl



Our Location

Pinecrest Pediatrics Group opened its doors in October, in the heart of Pinecrest:

11635 S. Dixie Highway
Pinecrest, Fl 33156

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Contact Us

For questions or comments, please email us by clicking here. We appreciate your interest in Pinecrest Pediatrics Group.

Telephone: (786)250-5224

Fax: (786)227-6068

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